How to Waterproof Your Phone

If you are like most people you probably have a smartphone that you absolutely can’t live without.  You have the knowledge of the world at your fingertips along with a means of communication, a camera and a music player.  New versions are launched by manufacturers every year and we rush to update to get better and faster features.  These phones are pricey and nobody wants to have to replace one.  You need to protect your phone against damage or you could end up shelling out hundreds to replace it.  One of the most common ways phones get damaged is when they get wet.  Since people take their phones with them absolutely everywhere, tons of them end up wet.

Waterproof Smartphones

Phone manufacturers like Samsung and Apple cram more and more features into their hardware every year but the one thing they still haven’t perfected is a waterproof phone, although they have tried.  There are about 8 different models on the market now that are water resistant.  Water resistant and waterproof are still two very different things.  Most will survive being dropped in water of a depth of roughly 5 feet, but there is a breaking point.  The seal can break, but you may still have problems with the sound of your speakers.  If you drop your phone in a lake and manage to fish it out, whether it works again is still a crap shoot.  A couple of models that are water resistant are Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 plus.

Waterproof Cases

If you don’t have a phone that is already water resistant and you don’t particularly want to shell out for a new one there are more affordable options available.  The solution on how to waterproof your phone is to get yourself a waterproof case.  Smart phones now work with touch screens so you need a case that will accommodate and allow you to continue to use your phone.  These cases not only protect your phone from water they can also keep out the dust and the debris that can also damage your phone.  Here is how they work.

Phone cases don’t have to be plain now you can have them in a wide variety of colors and patterns.  Not only can you protect your phone from water, dust and debris you can look good too.  Maybe someday the manufacturers will make a genuine waterproof phone but in the meantime that is how to waterproof your phone.

Things to Consider Before Getting a New Smartphone

A smartphone is a necessity these days, in addition to communication devices they are our cameras, internet access points and our music players.  While Apple and Samsung vie for the top selling phone, they aren’t the only players in the smart phone world.  Each year there are a whole bunch of new models all promising to be the latest, greatest thing since sliced bread.  In fact most of them all have pretty much the same features so how do you choose your next phone?  These are the three things to consider before getting a new smartphone.

Storage Capacity

Since your phone can do so many things while you’re on the go, you need adequate storage for all the files, apps,  videos and music that most people use.  Even if you rarely shoot video you still want a phone with adequate storage.  Today phones come with a fair bit of built in storage all the way up to 256G.  While some models like Apple have limited storage, Samsung and other brands allow you to expand your storage.  However more storage means a bigger price tag.  Choose one that works for you.

Battery Life

The battery life is how long you can use your phone before you need to recharge it.  Most phones have decent battery life, but how you use your phone will drastically affect the battery life.  If you are watching a lot of video you will go through your battery faster.  Simply talking on the phone or listening to music uses the least amount of battery.  Choose a model based on how you use it.

The Screen

Since smart phones do so much and people use them to watch video, make video calls and so many more visual things this has led to screens getting sharper and bigger.  Some people prefer the bigger screens while others just don’t want to carry around a phone that big.  If you are using your phone for work purposes and are using tools like spreadsheets then a bigger screen can make your life much easier.  People who also use phones to take pics and shoot video may also want bigger screens to make editing easier.

When it comes to choosing a new phone there are so many options and models to choose from.  Take into consideration the must have features you will need, if the phone is for work or business and then look for the phone with the best specs.